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100% HUMANE WILDLIFE EVICTION SERVICES. As a humane animal removal company, we will never do anything that will harm, kill or stress the wildlife we’re dealing with. We will not break the law by using poison, traps or relocating animals.

How Do I Keep Wildlife Out of A Pool?

Bad Company Wildlife Eviction responds to the question “How do I keep wildlife out of a pool?"

This January hasn’t been an average one by Ontario standards. No sooner is snow and ice on the ground than a thaw sets in and it all disappears. No one could blame you for thinking that spring is already en route. 

Speaking of spring, we’ve noticed that a growing number of homeowners are investing in backyard pools. If you’re one of them, chances are that you’re wondering, “How can I keep wildlife out of a pool after it’s installed?”

It’s a valid concern. If you’ve ever had to remove wildlife from your home, you know how determined some animals can be.

 Various types of wildlife have been known to visit pools for water or simply for a refreshing swim. Depending on where your home is located, animals like chipmunks, deer, squirrels, and raccoons can easily fall into your pool- sometimes on purpose. (Last summer, this Toronto homeowner saw a raccoon use her pool to beat the August heat.) In this blog, the team at Bad Company Wildlife Eviction shares tips for keeping your pool ‘humans only.’ 

Tip #1: Keep Wildlife Out of a Pool By Getting Rid of Poolside Munchies!

A lot of times animals will be drawn into your yard by food and stick around for a swim afterward. If there’s any leftover food from your last backyard barbecue or pool party, pick it up after everyone leaves and store it or throw it into a lockable garbage bin. If you have bird feeders nearby, you may want to consider relocating them farther away from the pool.

Tip #2: Add a Pool Cover

Your area probably already has a bylaw requiring a fence around your pool. While fencing is great for keeping out larger animals like deer, raccoons, chipmunks, and squirrels will vault over them like no one’s business. 

To keep these more agile animals out of the water, buy a pool cover that you can spread across the surface at night. Good quality ones can be pricey, but it’s worth it when you don’t want your pool to get a reputation as a squirrel splash pad.

Tip #3: Clear Away Bushes and Shrubbery

When you’ve got bushes, shrubbery, and other oversized plants around your pool, it provides a hiding place that lets animals get closer and closer until they’re a nosedive away from the water. You can keep wildlife out of a pool by calling a local landscaping company or relocating any dense greenery so that more timid animals are less likely to make it all the way across the yard to the pool.

Tip #4: Set Up Automatic Sprinklers

Your lawn will love you for this one. Installing automatic sprinklers will not only keep your grass greener and healthier, but the sudden burst of cold water will surprise any animals en route to the pool. They may love swimming in water, but a cold blast when they least expect it? Not so much.

Tip #5: Set Up an Infrared System

A lot of wildlife species are nocturnal. If you set up some flashing infrared lights around the pool area and activate them after it gets dark, you’re going to scare off animals that may try to use your space for an after-hours pool party. Unlike humans, they’re not into cool light shows, so this is a highly effective way to keep wildlife out of a pool.

Tip #6: Use a Pool Cleaner that Looks Like an Animal

Did you know that you can get automatic pool cleaners that look like penguins and other cool animals? Once they start working, their noise and appearance, combined with the long attached hose, can scare away birds and other animals that are easily startled by movement. You’ll benefit from an extra-clean pool too!

Tip #7: Use Natural Repellents

If you get some especially determined animals that make it all the way to your pool area, the battle still isn’t lost. Since they have a powerful sense of smell, they’re likely to be deterred by overly-strong scents. 

Some pool installers recommend that you rub the rim of the pool with a fresh dryer sheet or sprinkle natural repellents like Cayenne pepper and water. (You can substitute the cayenne with something equally pungent like jalapenos or onions.) Spray generously around your pool area and reapply after a rainfall.

Tip #8: Get Some Animal-Themed Pool Toys

A great way to keep wildlife out of a pool is to make it look like there’s wildlife in the pool already! It’s reverse psychology, and it really does work.

Make yourself the coolest parent on the block by investing in some inflatable rafts that look like alligators, sharks, flamingos, unicorns- whatever your family loves. The bobbing motion on the water, combined with the bright colours, will easily scare away birds, and chances are that animals won’t be too crazy about them either.

Install Exit Devices Anyway!

Despite your best efforts, some wildlife may get into your pool anyway, so you’ll want to play it safe. You can install some animal-friendly exit devices like ramps and logs or tie a knotted rope across the pool when it’s not in use. 

When You Keep Wildlife Out of a Pool, You May Not Have to Remove Wildlife From Your Home! 

Unless you protect your pool, animals that venture into your yard for refreshment and relief from the heat may soon find their way into your home. Following the steps in this blog will reduce that chance, but nothing is guaranteed. You may encounter a raccoon, squirrel, or rat that decides to check out your place anyway, and the next thing you know, you’ve got some unwanted tenants.

If this happens, give Bad Company Wildlife Eviction a call. Like our name and our reputation suggest, we specialize in safe and humane wildlife eviction services that don’t harm animals in any way. We’re also thorough and effective, so we help you ensure they don’t come back once they’re out. To learn more or schedule an estimate for removal, contact us today at 1-855-880-9860. 

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