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What Does Humane Wildlife Removal Mean Exactly?

If you live in a city or suburb, you probably know the best ways to coexist with your neighbours (for better or worse). The urban wildlife around your home has figured this out, too, but their means of coexistence aren’t always exactly what you’d consider hospitable. However, unlike your human neighbours, these animals don’t know what they’re doing other than trying to survive! 

This is why, for their protection and the protection of the environment, humane wildlife removal is an essential service. But what does “humane wildlife removal” mean, exactly? 

It means removing urban wildlife to another area in a way that protects them and their babies. Bad Company accomplishes these goals using expert assessments of a home, live trap “funnels,” and relocation of the animals to safe spots away from your home!


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Animals don’t come into your home with bad intentions – they’re looking for food, a warm shelter, or both. This doesn’t mean you have to tolerate their presence, but you should at least understand why they’re there! The way Bad Company gets them out of your home is by installing a one-way exit system so the animals evict themselves. We’ll seal all but one of the ways out of the area, then “funnel” the animal out through it!

Removing this wildlife humanely means not harming the animal and placing them in more appropriate locations. While sheltering in or around your home, humane wildlife control companies make sure that animal offspring are not left homeless or without their parents. 


Humane Wildlife Control: Sealing Up Where The Animals Get In

It’s in a wild animal’s nature to find a way to beat the cold. Sometimes, the best way is to squeeze through vulnerable areas in your attic, basement, or chimney, most often through weaknesses that you never would have guessed were there. Even larger mammals like raccoons and skunks are very good at getting through tight spots!

The very best way to take care of unwanted intruders is to prevent them from entering in the first place. We’ll call this “humane wildlife control,” because if you have an unwelcome guest, we won’t stop at its removal. Once we have taken the animal out of your house, we inspect all the possible entry points for any signs of damage and show you how to shore up these points. We back up this work with a 10-year guarantee, too!


Humane Removal Respects Wildlife

screened critter proof vent

When cities expand, the new builds displace wild animals and force from their habitats. If we want to coexist, we need to respect them. To do our job successfully, humane removal companies have to have immense respect for wildlife living in our cities. Everyone on the Bad Company team has this, and we all believe animals have a right to exist in urban spaces!

We also recognize that these animals have to find other places to live so their local populations can still survive and thrive. There’s no reason for there to be a conflict between you and the skunks under your porch; with so many natural areas in the Forest City, humane wildlife eviction is just a matter of redirecting the wildlife to these parts in and around the city!

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