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Based in Dundas, Ontario, Bad Company Wildlife Eviction specializes in humane wildlife removal from local homes and businesses. Using modern practices, our team is trained to locate and remove unwelcome wildlife with no harm, and minimal disruption to the animals.

We inspect the area and identify point-of-entry
We determine the species, so we know what we’re dealing with
We provide you with a quote that include humane removal and preventative maintenance
We humanely evict the wildlife and perform maintenance to prevent re-entry
We guarantee our work for 10 years

Humane Pest Removal & Animal Control Services

Hamilton and area's premier animal removal specialists

Serving the Greater Hamilton Area and Halton, Bad Company Wildlife Eviction has built a reputation as one of the area’s best humane wildlife removal services. When you’ve got bad company – those pesky uninvited guests in your attic, roof, garage, chimney or shed – we can evict them. We do not use poison, relocation, scare tactics or traps. These are outdated practices that do more harm than good. Our methods are 100% humane, which is better for the ecosystem and way less stressful on the animals.

We do not deal with coyotes, domestic or deceased animals on city property. However, we do offer removal services for the following critters:


Raccoons are one of the most adaptable animals we deal with and have excellent problem-solving and memory retention skills.


Squirrels dig holes in the earth and scrounge for food, often storing it in attics and walls during the winter.


Skunk removal can be a smelly business! It is common for homeowners to make mistakes when trying to get rid of skunks.


Bats hibernate in the winter and are drawn to warm, dark places, so it’s typical to find them asleep in attics, rafters, sheds or caves.


When it comes to birds, you’re most likely to find starlings, pigeons, and sparrows wanting to live in your home.


Rats live wherever people do and form family groups. They’re very adaptable and can live in most environments.


It’s crucial to rid your home of mice correctly to avoid a repeat infestation. Get affordable mouse removal services!

Good People Evicting Bad Company

Bad Company Wildlife Eviction Specialists was founded with a great respect and admiration for wildlife. Urban wildlife has had to adapt to our human world, as we’ve converted open spaces into housing. It’s no surprise that they would take up residence in our homes, garages or sheds. That said, we are sympathetic to frustrated homeowners and landlords who aren’t interested in sharing space with wild animals. These critters can be destructive, causing costly damage. Our solution is to humanely evict your bad company so that everyone is happy.


What Makes Us The Best?
We Care.

Our love of wildlife guides us, as well as our respect for our clients. Our customers choose us because they want the job done right, humanely. It’s a win-win – no animals are harmed, and homeowners can sleep better at night knowing that they’re not sharing a roof with a raccoon or bats anymore. Read more about what our clients have said  about our professional animal eviction services.

Animal Control & Wildlife Insights Blog

Gain valuable insight from our wildlife eviction specialists through our blog. You can also browse our Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more.

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