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Squirrel Removal is for Professionals Only

squirrel removalsquirrel removal

Squirrel removal is best handled by a trained professional

A Hamilton mountain family suspected a squirrel had taken up residence in their bathroom ventilation system; with the exhaust vent being on the roof their first thought was to call a roofer. The entire base of the hood vent had been chewed away by the squirrel and so it was replaced. The problem with simply repairing or sealing an entry point is that only half of the problem is being addressed, the animal is most likely still inside! As you can see in the pictures above, the squirrel immediately started to chew his way out. Fortunately the customers quickly realized something was wrong and called Bad Company Wildlife Eviction. If the problem was left too long the squirrel may have died in the attic space and compounded the problem.

Rather than seal the entry Bad Company Wildlife use a one way door, preventative system. This guarantees the animal, in this case a squirrel, is able to exit the attic space and not re-enter any area of the home. The entry is repaired after the squirrel removal has taken place. This isn’t meant to be a jab at roofers. They are professionals and are great at what they do, replacing and repairing roofs, not squirrel removal. Have it done right the first time by a professional wildlife removal company.

squirrel removal

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