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Solar Panel Animal Guard

More and more homeowners, commercial businesses and farmers are making the smart and sustainable transition to solar electricity. Photovoltaic systems or PV systems for short, can also make a great home for unwanted wildlife. Squirrels, raccoons, pigeons and starlings are the most common culprits. Fortunately, Bad Company Wildlife has a solution; solar panel animal guard.

Fully protected PV system
Fully protected PV system

Solar panel animal guard is a key component to your PV system. If squirrels or raccoons happen to den under your solar panels they can chew wires and incur costly repairs. Pigeons, starlings and other birds can make a mess with their droppings and nesting which could pose a fire hazard. Some solar energy companies have gone as far as ensuring all future PV projects have solar panel animal protection in place at the time of installation.

The recent uptick in residential and commercial PV systems has given urban wildlife a new habitat. Bad Company Wildlife specializes in humane animal removal and exclusion of wildlife in all different situations and that includes solar panels and PV systems. Protect your investment and keep your payback period on track. Have your PV system protected before you have a problem.


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