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Dundas Bat Removal

Job Report – Dundas Bat Removal May 1st, 2015 Bad Company Wildlife Eviction completed the first humane bat removal of the season in Dundas, Ontario. Bats have fully woken from hibernation by this time and humane eviction can now take place. Over the winter the customer had found bats in the living space and decided to …

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Cambridge raccoon removal

April 13th, 2015 Bad Company Wildlife was given the opportunity to remove a mother raccoon and her six babies from a semi attached Cambridge home. The roof was in very poor condition and needed to be replaced immediately but that also meant any preventative screening installed by us before replacement would be removed. We recommended …

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Dundas Raccoon Removal

 Dundas Raccoon Removal – Job Report On April 10th, 2015 Bad Company Wildlife visited a home in Dundas in response to a raccoon removal request. Raccoons had been living under the customers sun room and rear addition and they wanted to know how to get rid of raccoons humanely. The sun room and addition did …

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Oakville Squirrel Removal

Oakville Squirrel Removal – Job Report On April 7th, 2015 Bad Company Wildlife removal was called to Oakville Ontario to perform a squirrel removal. Red squirrels had been entering through the roof vents by chewing a hole through the plastic. The customer asked how to get rid of red squirrels and we educated her on …

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raccoon removal

Ancaster Raccoon Removal

Ancaster Raccoon Removal – Job Report Bad Company Wildlife Removal responded to a raccoon removal call in Ancaster on March 31st, 2015. When we arrived on site and began inspecting the home we found multiple roof vents lifted by a raccoon. All roof vents lead to the same attic space and the raccoon may have …

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