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Ancaster Raccoon Removal

Ancaster Raccoon Removal – Job Report

Bad Company Wildlife Removal responded to a raccoon removal call in Ancaster on March 31st, 2015. When we arrived on site and began inspecting the home we found multiple roof vents lifted by a raccoon. All roof vents lead to the same attic space and the raccoon may have been testing each vent to see which gave her the easiest access. We educated the customer on how to get rid of raccoons and how we will perform the raccoon removal.

We entered the attic space for inspection and discovered three raccoon babies. These babies were gently removed by hand and placed in a heated box outside the lifted roof vent. A one way exit was installed over one of the lifted vents to allow mother raccoon to exit the attic but not re-enter. Upon leaving the one way exit, mother raccoon will easily find her three babies and relocate them to another den site. All remaining roof vents and other vulnerable areas on the roof were then raccoon proofed and shingles were replaced as needed. The customer was given a written five year guarantee against raccoon re-entry.

Bad Company returned the next day to check on the baby raccoons. All three babies had been taken by mother and the raccoon removal was a success. The one way exit was removed and the roof vent was repaired and raccoon proofed. The customer was satisfied with our raccoon removal services and pest control service.

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