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Cambridge raccoon removal

April 13th, 2015 Bad Company Wildlife was given the opportunity to remove a mother raccoon and her six babies from a semi attached Cambridge home. The roof was in very poor condition and needed to be replaced immediately but that also meant any preventative screening installed by us before replacement would be removed. We recommended the roof be replaced before the raccoon removal and the customer agreed. The roofer left a area open so mother raccoon was not trapped inside.

We then returned and removed the raccoon babies from the attic by hand and placed them in our heated baby box just outside of the entry. When we returned to check on the babies we discovered that mother raccoon had left two babies behind. She may have done this because she believed she was endangering herself or her other babies by making another trip to the box to retrieve them but we can’t be sure. The two babies were in good health but needed further care so we brought them to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center where they will be cared for until they are old enough to survive interdependently and then released in they area the came from. The customer was very pleased with our raccoon removal service described here and even submitted a testimonial to our website which you can see here. Thanks Lisa!

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