Bats in the house over the winter is a sure sign you have a colony in your home

Bats rarely (if ever) fly through an open window or door. You probably don’t keep your doors and windows open during the cold months and bats hibernate during the winter so how did you get a bat in the house? Well that bat most likely has come from within your attic or walls. Bats may occasionally wake from their hibernation and accidentally find their way into the living space requiring bat removal. Bat removals and evictions should only take place from May to late June and August to October depending on the temperature. To get rid of bats outside of these time frames can lead to baby bats becoming separated from their mother and starving to death or freezing to death. To know how to get rid of bats you need to know their habits and reproduction cycle and you also need to know where bats can enter your home to perform a successful humane bat removal. Bats need our help and protection and have recently been listed as a species at risk in Canada largely due to White Nose Syndrome, a fungus thought to have been brought from Europe. More information on WNS can be found here. If you want to get rid of bats from your home or your thinking of humane bat removal services consider installing a bat house to create another roost.

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