Unwelcome Squirrels

Noises and scratching in the attic and walls-Squirrels

This is part two about identifying noises and scratching in the attic. This post focuses on noises in the attic a squirrel will make.

Squirrels are most active throughout the day and depending on the season you will hear scratching in the attic usually between 5am and 7pm. Those hours can be shortened during the winter months.  Squirrels will make quick running and jumping noises in the attic as they come and go throughout the day.  Squirrels will also make loud chewing and scratching noises in the attic. If you hear these noises in the attic at night you are most likely hearing the sound of mice.  If you think that may be the case please check out our blog post about mice here.

Don’t think you have squirrels in the attic or require squirrel removal?  Why not check out these other posts about noises in the attic or,


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