Mice and One Way Exoit

Noises and scratching in the attic and walls-Mice

Sounds mice make is part three about noises and scratching in the attic.

Mice are most active at night but can still make noise and scratching in the attic or walls during the day. Mice can make deceptively loud noises while chewing on wood or drywall, scrambling up the walls and running between the floors or in the attic. In fact, many of our customers with mice in their attic believe they require squirrel removal because the scratching in the attic is so loud! If you are hearing a loud running or galloping during the day you are most likely are hearing a squirrel. For more info on squirrel noises check out this post. Sounds most commonly associated with mice are scratching in the walls and ceiling at night.

If you don’t think you have mice in the attic or require humane mouse removal take a look some of our other posts about noises in the attic or,


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