Birds in Your Attic?

Birds in the attic is quite common.  With the growing lack of bird habitat, birds are starting g to find alternative nesting sites.  Your attic or your second or third story   bathroom vent is ideal for this.

Your attic especially can be a great place for a bird to nest.  It is quiet, it’s usually inaccessible and it is high up and away from predators. All these things add up to a really good place for a bird to lay its eggs and have its babies in the spring.  If you suspect you have this problem you should seek help from an expert as soon as possible because it will only get worse.  Once  birds gains access to your attic space, they will remain there for approximately 3 to 4 months while they nest.  Bird feces can carry contageons which can effect you and your family.

We offer safe animal and pest control.  We guarantee safe and effective one way eviction of your unwanted  bird guests.

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