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Gutter Guard: Stop Stressing About Your Gutters Every Fall

Do you frequently have birds on your roof? Are you wondering how squirrels keep getting into your attic? The problem could start with your gutters. Pests use this part of your drainage system as both a foundation for a home and a buffet, and once they know it’s a good source for both, they won’t leave.

One of the best products for taking care of these problems is a gutter guard. By installing one of these systems, you can eliminate many of the risks that come with gutters and reduce the likelihood of damage to your roof and attic! 


How Do Animals Use Your Gutter

Gutters sit under the ventilation point of the eaves and are common avenues for rodents looking for a warm place to sleep. Small animals like squirrels and chipmunks use the downspouts and gutters of your home’s system to get in and out of your attic. Once they find their way in, these pests will remain as long as they can find food. For omnivores that feed on materials as diverse as paper, this isn’t very hard!

Gutters aren’t just an access point – animals use them for homes, too! Unclogged gutters are prime targets for nests, giving animals a nice little area and a protected home. Birds will use an ample supply of twigs, grass, string, and other debris to make a nest. Squirrels will also use the gutter as they expand out of the attic. When the debris gathered by these critters clog the gutter, it can attract other pests. It is also common for the food left by animals to attract more pests long after the first rodent has forgotten about their hiding place. 

Preventative maintenance is always key to stopping these types of infestation. Make sure general maintenance and upkeep are completed by keeping the plumbing, vents, and all other potential entryways secure, and address any gaps in the siding. It’s especially important to do this before winter when mammals are looking for a warm place to make a nest. The Bad Company team offers prevention work if your neighbours have had problems or if you live around a heavily forested area. One addition to your roof could be a time and money saver: the gutter guard.


Our Recommendation: Alu-Rex Gutter Guards

We install guards that cover over the whole gutter to keep animals like birds, chipmunks, and squirrels from accessing this space, all while letting water flow off your roof and away from your home. They also prevent seeds and acorns from gathering in your gutters when they fall off the trees. If you allow these to accumulate, your gutter becomes a feeding trough for all kinds of anidownloadmals!

Our favourite system is Alu-Rex. We cover every system we install with a 10-year clog-free warranty, and Alu-Rex offers a 40-year warranty on their product. The best part is, these work well to keep your gutter clean, meaning one less chore on your list!

When a client calls Bad Company for an Alu-Rex gutter guard installation, we don’t only put the guard on: we do everything to stop pests from coming back! This is because nests started by animals can contain parasites and bacteria you don’t want to take inside with you. Our team will hand clean and rinse all gutters before installation, making sure the surface is prepped for the gutter guard. Once they’re on, you have one less pest control stressor to deal with!

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