Skunk Removal Services

A Smelly Problem to Have

With a white stripe down their back and tail, and their strong-smelling defensive spray, you’ll know if a skunk is in your neighbourhood. There’s no mistaking that scent.

Skunks eat berries, roots, insects, worms and small rodents. They’re excellent diggers and live in burrows, but you’ll also find them in vents, your garage and/or around your home. In urban areas, they can live under decks, sheds and porches. Females are extremely maternal and give birth to between 4-7 kits in late May or early June.


Did you know?

Spraying is a skunk’s main defense against predators, and they can project it up to 10 ft with accuracy, 5-6 times in a row if necessary!

A family that sprays together...

Skunk mothers look after their young (or kits) for a whole year, before they’re ready to go on their own and mate.

How to get rid of skunks

Skunk removal can be smelly business! It is common for homeowners to do a lot of things wrong when trying to get rid of skunks.

Some common mistakes homeowners make are:

  • Blocking skunk den entry holes. Some homeowners will try to block or cover an entry to stop the animal from getting back under the structure. This can trap the skunk and it may die if it cannot find another way out.
  • Using home remedies, such as cayenne pepper and moth balls. These are not effective.
  • Trapping skunks and relocating them. Some homeowners try to trap and relocate the skunks, but this can lead to getting yourself sprayed. This is also an illegal practice and is not a permanent solution. Also, if a mother skunk is removed from her young the kits are likely to die of starvation.

What we do

  • We install a one-way skunk exit on the point of entry.
  • We install preventative screening around the perimeter of the shed, deck or porch to ensure skunk re-entry does not occur.
  • We return to remove the one-way skunk exit, and permanently seal the entry.

Our experience has taught us exactly what it takes to successfully and safely evict skunks from under your structures permanently. We offer a 5-10-year guarantee of skunk control and humane skunk exclusion on the premises.

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