100% HUMANE WILDLIFE EVICTION SERVICES. As a humane animal removal company, we will never do anything that will harm, kill or stress the wildlife we’re dealing with. We will not break the law by using poison, traps or relocating animals.


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100% HUMANE WILDLIFE EVICTION SERVICES. As a humane animal removal company, we will never do anything that will harm, kill or stress the wildlife we’re dealing with. We will not break the law by using poison, traps or relocating animals.

Are Squirrels Making You Go Nuts? What You Need to Know About Squirrel Removal

If squirrels have taken up residence in your home or property, Bad Company Wildlife Eviction offers safe and humane squirrel removal services.

Squirrel removal is tough. Have you ever noticed how smart squirrels are?

They’ve figured out how to use our homes and bird feeders for their own benefit, and this article addresses the question of whether they might be smarter than a fifth grader. If that isn’t enough to convince you, the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon was all about a squirrel bossing a moose around.

We think that’s pretty epic.

Here are some more cool facts about squirrels:

  • There are 22 different species of squirrel found in Canada. 
  • A squirrel can find food under a foot of snow!
  • The front teeth of a squirrel never stop growing.
  • They zigzag to escape predators.
  • Squirrels may pretend to bury a nut to dissuade potential thieves.
  • Squirrels don’t dig up all of their buried nuts, which results in more trees!

Even if you’re the biggest squirrel nut (pun intended), you probably don’t want them living in your attic or any other part of your home, for that matter. To keep their teeth at a manageable size, they’ll gnaw through wood fixtures and support beams and even chew on shingles, gutters, and plastic pipes, leading to leaks and drainage issues. They’re cute (and their babies are even cuter) but they gotta go!

Fortunately, humane squirrel removal services are available! Learn how working with wildlife eviction specialists can provide a solution in which everyone comes out on top.

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Where Are Squirrels Found in Homes?

Squirrels can get into your home through the tiniest of holes. Even small cracks and crevices can be turned into convenient entry and exit points. Once they get through, they can go on to cause some serious damage by chewing wood, insulation, and electric wires and leaving feces and urine wherever they go.

Here are some common spaces where you’ll find squirrels once they make their way into the property:

  • The attic
  • Eaves
  • Chimneys
  • Soffits
  • Crawl spaces

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter where they stake their territory in your home. Over time, the damage, odour, and noise can make the situation impossible. As soon as you realize you have a squirrel problem, call Bad Company Wildlife Eviction for humane and experienced squirrel removal services.

Signs that You Have a Squirrel Problem

Squirrels are a cute but destructive problem that you’ll want to address right away to minimize property damage. Below are some signs that Rocky may be taking a break from Bullwinkle at your place!

  • Damaged Entry Points: Squirrels usually leave signs of internal and external damage. Outside, look for signs of chewing along your roofline, around fascia boards, on shingles. Inside, check for shredded insulation and chew marks on wood structures, wallboards, and electric wires.
  • Strange Noises: Examples include scratching sounds in your walls and chimney and scampering in the attic.
  • Droppings: If you see droppings in your attic, garage, or anywhere else, someone’s moved in! If you start smelling urine, consider your suspicions confirmed and call Bad Company Wildlife Eviction.

How We Inspect and Assess Your Home

Our comprehensive inspection involves taking a look at your house from the top to the bottom, checking for signs of squirrel presence. If we suspect an infestation, we check for common entry points, note them, and present you with some repair and maintenance recommendations that can prevent the squirrels from getting back in.

Should we find baby squirrels, we ensure that they aren’t left behind during the eviction. Squirrels in Ontario produce babies twice annually, with most litters being born in February-March or July-August. We remove them from the dwelling and place them in an insulated heated box close to the one-way door we installed (more on that below). Whenever she determines it is safe, the mother will typically return and relocate the babies one by one to their new home.

Our Humane Squirrel Removal Process Explained

Once all squirrel entry points have been identified, one-way exits are installed. These specialty doors allow the squirrels to leave your home but not return. Preventive screening and caulking are used to seal weak points and prevent squirrels from re-entering. Later, we will remove the one-way squirrel exits and permanently seal the openings.

Should You Try Evicting Squirrels Yourself?

There are a lot of online articles that provide detailed instructions for removing your resident squirrels yourself. We don’t recommend following them, and this is why.

  • If you separate a mother squirrel from her young, you might end up causing unnecessary suffering.
  • You might not have access to professional resources like one-way doors, which are designed to keep the squirrels out without harming them in any way.
  • Trapping is only a band-aid solution for wildlife problems and illegal over 1km for protected wildlife. Squirrels are attracted to food, water, and a safe nesting area. Other squirrels or even raccoons will simply take the place of the relocated animal until these attractants are removed.

Bad Company Wildlife Eviction provides squirrel eviction services in a safe and effective manner without causing harm to either our technicians or the animals, especially the young. We can also provide you with insights and recommendations that will prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns following an eviction, you are welcome to contact us.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost?

It’s difficult to provide a price before your home has been inspected, as each property and eviction requirement differs. When you contact us about your squirrel problem, we respond by sending an experienced wildlife technician to inspect your home for signs of an invasion and identify entry and exit points. We will then explain our removal process and give you an estimate so you can decide if you want to schedule the eviction.

Ready to Take Your Home Back?

At Bad Company Wildlife Eviction, we totally love squirrels! That’s why we make sure that they are evicted from your home in the most efficient and humane way possible. To learn more about our squirrel removal services and schedule a no-obligation visit, call 1-855-880-9860 or contact us online.

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