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Hamilton Raccoon Removal

Hamilton Raccoon Removal – Job Report

Bad Company Wildlife Eviction responded to a raccoon removal in Hamilton. The customer reported heavy walking and slow movements in the attic at night. Raccoon evidence was found in the attic and an inspection of the roof revealed a raccoon entry on the roof vent. The raccoon had easily removed the cap of the roof vent to gain entry to the attic as seen below.

hamilton raccoon removal beforehamilton raccoon removal after


After the raccoon removal had taken place with the use of a one way door, Bad Company Wildlife replaced the damaged roof vent and installed preventative screening to prevent re-entry. All other roof vents and weak points were secured and the house has a pest control guarantee of five years against re-entry of raccoons, squirrels and birds. Bad Company Wildlife is based in Dundas and provides raccoon removal in Hamilton and pest control in Hamilton.  Bad Company also services Brant, Halton, Niagara and Peel regions.


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