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The Canadian Solution to Clogged Gutters

Gutter cleaning is a necessary part of your yearly home maintenance but can also be a hassle. Because of this, many home owners neglect this very important job or simply pay someone to do it for them. Clogged gutters can quickly lead to damage to your roof, fascia, foundation and the gutters themselves. Paying someone else year after year to clean your gutters can add up. Wouldn’t be nice if you could prevent your eavestrough from clogging in the first place? That’s where Alu-Rex gutter protection comes in.

Alu-Rex is the leader in gutter protection systems like Gutter-Clean. Gutter protection by Alu-Rex is manufactured right here in Canada and is available exclusively to installers like Bad Company Wildlife Eviction. Alu-Rex is so confident in their Gutter-Clean system that all installations are covered by a 40 Year Clog Free Warranty. The best warranty on the market. Bad Company Wildlife is proud to be a recognized installer of Alu-Rex gutter protection and leaf guard.

Gutter-Clean is the permanent solution to clogged gutters and with this gutter protection in place you will never have to clean your gutters again! Already paying someone to clean your gutters? In most cases a Gutter-Clean installation has a recovery period or pay back period of less than 2 years. That means the amount of money you would pay someone to clean your gutters over the next 2 years or less is about the same one time cost of having gutter protection installed on your home. That’s a very sound investment!

Reduce yearly maintenance cost and reduce risk of injury to yourself by having Bad Company Wildlife install gutter protection by Alu-Rex on your home today. Check out the Alu-Rex webpage, our webpage and video below for more info!

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