Dundas Red Squirrel Removal

Dundas Red Squirrel Removal – Job Report

Recently Bad Company Wildlife was called to Dundas, Ontario with the customer reporting scratching and running noises in the attic and walls. She informed us that a different wildlife removal company had inspected her property the previous day. This pest control company had told the customer that they did not find any signs of squirrels in the attic and the noises she is hearing is most likely mice. This was strange to us as the noises she described to us were very typical of squirrels. After a thorough inspection of the home and the attic space we found that indeed red squirrels had made an entry on the roof vent. If you haven’t already, check out the video above to see the squirrel entry.

As you can see this squirrel entry was easy to miss. Every inspection we perform is extremely detailed and we will determine what animals are getting in and where. This particular home not only required squirrel removal but also bird removal and mouse removal. Bad Company Wildlife Eviction provides pest control for all types of urban wildlife. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, mice, bats, rats, skunks, possums, groundhogs, snakes and any other species of urban wildlife you can imagine invading your home. Free inspections in the Hamilton and Halton area!


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