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Do it yourself pest control…Good idea, bad idea??





So you know that you have an animal invading your home and your considering do it yourself pest control.  We have all been there before whether its a bathroom or kitchen renovation, building a deck or fence, we want to save ourselves a few bucks and think about doing it ourselves.  If your a handy person maybe it’s not a bad idea to try and tackle a fence, shed or even a little landscaping.  But would you take on plumbing, electrical wiring or new garage door?  Most of us don’t have enough knowledge of these things to do them safely.  They are specialized trades and professionals should be hired to do the job. Pest control and animal control are no different.

There are very few materials (if any) you can find at your local hardware that prevent raccoon’s and squirrel from entering weak points on your home. We know urban wildlife.  We know their behavior patterns and what they are capable of. We know what materials work and how to use them properly. We know pest control and that knowledge is what enables us to safely and humanely evict raccoon’s, squirrels, bats, rats, mice, skunks and any other urban wildlife that may invade your home.  Permanently.   Knowing how to get rid of raccoon’s, squirrels, bats and other urban wildlife takes hands on experience and attempting do it yourself pest control can have bad consequences for the animal and the home owner.  Call the professionals.


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