birdnest vent

Bird control in the spring


The cry of baby birds is a sure sign of spring but what if the cries are coming from inside your home? Birds, especially starlings and sparrows, love to make their nests inside of your stove vents and bathroom vents. These tight areas make for easy nest building and give the birds a feeling of safety and security. Its important that all exterior vents are secure against bird intrusion.

Areas birds may enter:

  • birds in stove vents
  • birds in bathroom vents
  • birds in dryer vents
  • birds in fresh air vents
  • birds in roof vents
  • birds in attic

It is important to complete the bird removal as soon as it is noticed and secure and other vulnerable areas. Birds will continue to build onto existing nests year after year and bird nests can also harbor mites and bacteria. If there are baby birds in the vent there is no need to wait for them to mature and leave the nest. Bad Company Wildlife can safely and humanely remove the baby birds from the nest and place them in an area that mother can continue to feed them until they have fledged.




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