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Bat season is here

The beginning of May is when we at Bad Company Wildlife Eviction begin humane bat removal. Bats will have fully woken from their hibernation and already many customers are wondering how to get rid of bats. With the use of one way exits and a complete sealing of the exterior we can humanely evict bats from the home. To learn more about our bat removal process you can check out our page about how to get rid of bats here.

Bat removals will continue from May till mid June and then resume again at the beginning of August. We will not evict bats from mid June to early August due to the possible presence of babies. Female bats give birth mid June and her pups are totally dependent on her for the next four weeks until the little one is capable of flight so if she were to be evicted from her roost her babies would not survive. We also do not perform bat removal during winter. Customers will be given the option of installing a bat house on their property to give any evicted bats an easy roost.

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