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Baby season is here! Know how to get rid of raccoon families effectively AND humanely

For most urban wildlife, baby season is in full swing. Raccoon removal in Hamilton is a little different than it was 6 weeks ago. Bad Company Wildlife always searches attic and crawl spaces when responding to raccoon in attic and squirrel in attic calls to look for damage or feces but this time of year we have to keep our eyes and ears open for babies too.

Animal removal should always be done by an experienced professional but this is especially so during baby season. If a mother raccoon or squirrel is evicted from the home without her babies (all of them) she will do just about anything to get to them and this can result in much more damage than the animal had created to get into your home in the first place. Furthermore if the mother can’t get to them in time the babies could die inside your home leaving a terrible smell and an awful mess to clean up.

To know how to get rid of raccoons and how to get rid of squirrels during baby season takes more than an internet search, its takes professionals with hands on experience and the right knowledge. Bad Company Wildlife knows where to look for babies and how to remove them humanely.

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