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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Family

Rats live wherever people do and form family groups. They’re very adaptable and can live in most environments, you’ll commonly find them in walls, attics and garages. With excellent hearing but poor eyesight, they burrow extensively and can easily destroy large amounts of stored foods. Female rats can reproduce as young as 5 weeks old and have 5 litters a year with an average of 7-10 pups each time. This can quickly become a large problem for homeowners.


Clever Creatures

Rats are very intelligent creatures who can problem-solve and co-operate with each other to create survival strategies.

How to get rid of rats

Knowing how to get rid of rats can be a challenge for homeowners. That is where we come in.

Common mistakes made by homeowners when working on rat removal:

  • Filling in the tunnels made by the rats. The rats can easily dig another tunnel which can lead to increased activity in the building.
  • Poisoning and trapping the rats. This is not a permanent solution. The rats will come back, and it can also lead to rats decaying inside walls or under structures. Poison is a hazard to other house pets like cats and dogs.

What we do

  • We install one way exits over points of entry. In many cases, we often need to excavate around the structures used by the rats to prevent future tunneling or burrowing.
  • We educate homeowners on how to speed up the rat eviction process.
  • We offer a 5-year guarantee of humane rat removal.

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