Unwelcome Squirrels

Raccoons and Squirrels and Your Halloween Pumpkins

If you have unwelcome squirrels and raccoons around your property they may decide to nibble at the Halloween pumpkins on your porch!

Both squirrels and raccoons like this tasty treat and it can help them bulk up for the winter!

Knowing how to get rid of squirrels and raccoons can be a big challenge.  Call us for effective animal control.

We can safely and permanently get rid of squirrels, raccoons and other unwelcome guests.

  • We identify points of entry and use a one way exit system to allow  squirrels’ and raccoons effective ways to evict themselves, and then we squirrel and raccoon proof the home by securing and sealing weak points on the home to prevent re-entry.
  • We inspect the attic for signs of animal damage, feces or babies.
  • We return to remove the one way door and permanently seal the entry.

how to get rid of squirrels




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