Raccoon Entry Point

Raccoon Entry

Raccoons are expert at house entry and reentry. Raccoons are very smart and extremely resourceful!

Recently we had a client who chose not to do the extra prevention recommended by us and the raccoon ended up making a new entry.

At the client’s original request, we  installed the one way raccoon door over the point of entry and nothing else. So when the raccoon exited the door it simply made an entry in another spot which could have been prevented had the client initially approved the work recommended by us. It also caused more damage.

The story has a happy ending!  The client called us back and asked us to seal all reentry points.  This creates effective animal and pest control!

Knowing how to get rid of raccoons is a challenge for the homeowner and this is where we can help.

  • We identify points of entry and use a one way exit system to allow the raccoons effective methods to evict themselves, and then we raccoon proof the home by securing and sealing weak points on the home to prevent re-entry.
  • We inspect the attic for signs of raccoon damage, feces or babies.

    Raccoon Entry Point
    Raccoon Entry Point



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