Raccoon Eviction . . . Animal Control

Preparing the Den . . . Raccoons Getting Ready for Winter

As the weather gets cold, raccoons will seek dens to escape the winter weather.   The den could be your attic, under your deck, or maybe in your garage.  They can cause a lot of mess and a lot of damage.

Winter conditions, such as large snowfalls, severe cold, or a lack of food may cause raccoons to stay in their dens for three weeks or more.

If you have raccoons in your home, call us for safe eviction.  Do not try to evict the animals yourself.  Animals locked in your home can  cause damage to the home and can suffer a lingering and painful death through starvation and lack of water which is extremely cruel.  In addition the decomposing animal will pose an environmental and health hazard to you and your family.

How we help.

  • We identify points of entry and use a one way exit system to allow the raccoons effective methods to evict themselves, and then we raccoon proof the home by securing and sealing weak points on the home to prevent re-entry.
  • We inspect the attic for signs of raccoon damage, feces or babies.
Raccoon Eviction . . . Animal Control
Raccoon Getting Ready for Winter Den . . . A Safe Eviction

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