Mice and One Way Exoit

Mice and Chipmunks and Your Front Steps

If you have mice and chipmunks in your house you need proper animal control and proper pest control!  Call us to.  We can help you get rid of chipmunks and mice.

Last week we had to do a mouse and chipmunk repair to the front steps to a house.  We installed a one way exit for both the mice and the chipmunks.  It was a  series of small cracks between the steps  that we had to seal using our one-way exit system.  The cracks between the steps were very small but they had definitely been wide enough to allow both mice and chipmunks room to squeeze through and create damage!

Mice and chipmunks, like other unwanted guests, raccoons, squirrels, etc., are cute but destructive.  You need to get them evicted fast!  We can help with proper animal control. We’re happy to report that it was a safe eviction!  The mice and the chipmunks can get out of the house but they can’t get back in.

Knowing how to get rid of mice  and chipmunks successfully is difficult for the homeowner.  We can help get rid of mice and chipmunks for you.

What we did:  We identified all mouse and chipmunk entry points and and we installed one way  exits.We  sealed the home from top to bottom to make it was mouse proof –and chipmunk proof – every nook and cranny–but we did not affect airflow or drainage. This is the only guaranteed  permanent solution to the problem of knowing how to get rid of mice and how to get rid of chipmunks.



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