Giving Back and Helping Bats – Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to helping to save  bats and to grow public awareness of the problem of White Nose Syndrome.   We are committed to bat conservation and to bat conservation education.   Bat conservation and bat conservation education forms part of our corporate social responsibility.

Bats are on an alarming decline throughout much of North America due to the prevalence of the fatal fungus infection, White Nose Syndrome (WNS). WNS has killed more than 7 million bats in eastern North America to date.

This is why we have installed bat boxes on several local buildings including the Dundas Public Library.  It is also why we go into the local schools and into the  local libraries to discuss the bat problem  and to educate the public about it.

Recently we spoke at the Dundas Public Library and held a colouring contest for children.  In the new year we are going to talk to some scouting groups.

Below is a thank you drawing from one of our Bat Colouring Contest winners.  Hope you enjoy it!




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