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Getting Rid of Skunks in Winter

If you have skunks and are wondering how to get rid of skunks and when you should do it, the answer is now – before winter starts!

Skunks do not hibernate in winter.  They  are like us!  They don’t want to go out in the cold!

Instead they may stay under your porch or in your garage for several weeks when it is very cold — sometimes with several skunks sharing the same den.  Skunks mate in late winter.

Trying to remove skunks from your house, under your porch or in your garage during winter when it is very cold and there is a lot of snow and ice on the ground is difficult because it is hard for the skunks to find another den.

We can help you get rid of skunks through safe eviction.

Contact us and we can get rid of skunks.  We manage humane animal control and pest control.



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