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A Rat Story

Did you know that rats have excellent hearing but poor eyesight, can burrow extensively, and can easily destroy large amounts of stored foods–yes your holiday baking supplies!!!  If you have rats, you will definitely need to know how to get rid of rats.  Getting rid of rats properly requires good animal control and good pest control.

Rats have big families!  A female rat can have 5 litters per year with an average of 7-10 pups per litter and they are very intelligent creatures! Rats can problem solve, cooperate with each other, and destroy the inside walls of your house.  That is why you need to contact a wildlife eviction expert who can get rid of rats for you.

We can help you with safe rat eviction from your premises before they get too cozy for the winter!  We guarantee that we get rid of your rats permanently and humanely.  Knowing how to get rid of rats is a challenge for the homeowner and this is where we can help. What we do:

  • We install one way exits over entries.
  • In many cases, we often need to excavate around the structures used by the rats to prevent future tunnelling or burrowing.
  • We educate the homeowner on how to speed up the how to get rid of rats eviction process.
  • We offer a  5 year guarantee of no more rats


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